Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow! Part 2

After Mr. Smith left this morning and I had my morning work-out, I had a phone sex call with a man who has the sweetest, sexiest voice. And while his voice is sweet, the things we did together were far from sweet, but very, very sexy. I had two incredible orgasms with him.

At first I thought between yesterday and today and all the sex and cumming, I was just pent up from recooping from the accident. Then I realized that I would have loved it, accident or not.

I have to run out today and buy a new vibe. I just simply cannot wait for mail order. My phone sex lover this morning asked me if it bothered me walking in to a sex shop. The answer is "no". It doesn't bother me in the slightest. Masturbation is something that 90% of us do. 10% lie about it. I think all women should proudly walk in to a sex shop, buy something that makes their pussies tingle, lay it on the counter and buy it. None of that "it's a gag gift for a friend" crap. Buy a vibe or dildo or whatever and masturbate with it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow! is all I can say

Without going in to too many details, I had some phone sex that fucking blew my mind ... and pussy. And then, I got fucked while the same guy listened. My head is spinning right now. Amazing.

It's been awhile

I've been away from my computer for a while and it wasn't just because of the accident. I've got to be honest, some of the people that contact me freak me out. It seems they take the online world very seriously and that seems pretty weird to me. I'm not going to go in to details, but I got creeped out and needed to step away and hang out with people I can actually reach out and touch.

In other news, I'm feeling much, much better and I'm nearly back to my old self. I have been having sex, just not anything really wild. And I'm starting to work out again and soon should be back to my old routine. I did put on a few pounds while I was laid up because I didn't move around a lot.

I also burned out a vibrator with all this free time. I've been using the glass dildo that one of my phone sex buddies bought for me a while back, and while I love it, I do love the feel of the vibrations of my clit and g-spot. I've been sitting here looking at the adult toy sites and my pussy aches with excitement looking at some of them. I really miss my rabbit vibe. I had one similar to this one. Jt's Stockroom is a great site and they offer online gift certificates. *hint hint*

Now that I've talked about vibes, I'm going to call my little slut buddy and borrow one of hers. I need that vibe feeling!! (Maybe she'll stay and play. *wink*)