Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time flys

Wow! It's been nearly a month since I last blogged, but I've been so busy at home I've hardly had even the time to check email, much less spend time online.

Bad news: The couple that I've been fooling around with is moving. He got a really good job offer in another city nowhere near here. I'll miss them both terribly and we've promised to visit, blah blah blah, but you know how that goes. I will need to find myself another female lover. I do so much love girl on girl sex.

Since my last blog, Mr. Smith has had two orgasms. Once because I teased him a little too far one night and he exploded and the second because he wanted to cheer me up because of my loss, so he came home with a picture of a horse that I now own. I let him make me cum and then let him titty fuck me until he came.

I'll write again soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow! Part 2

After Mr. Smith left this morning and I had my morning work-out, I had a phone sex call with a man who has the sweetest, sexiest voice. And while his voice is sweet, the things we did together were far from sweet, but very, very sexy. I had two incredible orgasms with him.

At first I thought between yesterday and today and all the sex and cumming, I was just pent up from recooping from the accident. Then I realized that I would have loved it, accident or not.

I have to run out today and buy a new vibe. I just simply cannot wait for mail order. My phone sex lover this morning asked me if it bothered me walking in to a sex shop. The answer is "no". It doesn't bother me in the slightest. Masturbation is something that 90% of us do. 10% lie about it. I think all women should proudly walk in to a sex shop, buy something that makes their pussies tingle, lay it on the counter and buy it. None of that "it's a gag gift for a friend" crap. Buy a vibe or dildo or whatever and masturbate with it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow! is all I can say

Without going in to too many details, I had some phone sex that fucking blew my mind ... and pussy. And then, I got fucked while the same guy listened. My head is spinning right now. Amazing.

It's been awhile

I've been away from my computer for a while and it wasn't just because of the accident. I've got to be honest, some of the people that contact me freak me out. It seems they take the online world very seriously and that seems pretty weird to me. I'm not going to go in to details, but I got creeped out and needed to step away and hang out with people I can actually reach out and touch.

In other news, I'm feeling much, much better and I'm nearly back to my old self. I have been having sex, just not anything really wild. And I'm starting to work out again and soon should be back to my old routine. I did put on a few pounds while I was laid up because I didn't move around a lot.

I also burned out a vibrator with all this free time. I've been using the glass dildo that one of my phone sex buddies bought for me a while back, and while I love it, I do love the feel of the vibrations of my clit and g-spot. I've been sitting here looking at the adult toy sites and my pussy aches with excitement looking at some of them. I really miss my rabbit vibe. I had one similar to this one. Jt's Stockroom is a great site and they offer online gift certificates. *hint hint*

Now that I've talked about vibes, I'm going to call my little slut buddy and borrow one of hers. I need that vibe feeling!! (Maybe she'll stay and play. *wink*)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Road to recovery

I'm feeling much better, but still have a way to go before I'm back to my normal frisky self. I was so groggy when I typed my last blog, but I'm pretty clear headed right now, as I've stopped taking the pain pills. I'm still achy and not very pretty, but long soaks in the hot tub and make up help.

The accident was 10 days ago and this is the longest I've been without sex since I started cheating on Mr. Smith. I've had thoughts of sex, but I haven't been horny enough to really pursue it. Although I am thinking about it right now.

I haven't been out of the house except to follow up with my doctor and Mr. Smith is eager to go out and look for a new car, especially while the weather is still cold and prices are down. While I've always been fond of smaller sporty cars, I'm thinking maybe I'll go with an SUV this time. But right now, buying a new car just isn't a priority to me.

Thank you to those of you who've sent well wishes. That was very sweet and appreciated.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Freak accident

I'm sure a few of you have been wondering where I've been. Last Saturday night driving home from the club, a deer ran out in front of my car. Fortunately, I didn't hit the deer, but did hit a tree when I swerved to miss him. I wasn't seriously hurt, but my car was totaled and I have a few cuts and bruises, mainly where the seatbelt locked up and the air bag deployed. I also got a few stitches on my left shoulder.

Mr. Smith was at home as much as he could be, but other friends have been dropping by to keep me company and help me out around here. Today is the first day I can move without a lot of pain, but I'm still very sore. I won't type long, but I wanted to let my faithful readers know that I haven't dropped off the planet. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back to normal.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vibes are wonderful!

I came just by sitting in my vibrator watching this.


I can hardly sit today. Yesterday one of my lovers was over for an early morning romp and then another over for an afternooner. While I enjoyed both fucks, but my pussy feels abused and my jaws are sore. This morning I sat in the hot tub to try to feel better and I do, slightly.

The funny thing is, every time I remember yesterday, all I want to do is reach down and touch myself. How in the world can I be horny after all of that? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not in some kind of pre-menopause hormonal melt-down. I know I won't get laid today, so Mr. Smith is definitely going down on me tonight.

I know I can't rub myself or penetrate myself today, but I'm wondering how painful it would be if I just sat on my vibe and let the buzzing to all the work to make myself cum ...

or ....

maybe I should just put the porn away and do something constructive.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

My favorite vids

I've been teasing myself ... but not touching.


Time alone at last

Mr. Smith has given me a day off, so I'm staying in bed all day. I woke up incredibly horny this morning, but I promised someone I'd keep my hands busy and stay horny just for him. This is going to be hard. Hope he calls soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hectic days

Mr. Smith has been working on a case for several weeks that's been keeping him hopping, therefore he's been keeping me hopping. Between helping him with little things with the case (he's got both of his secretaries buried in work right now), I still have a household to run. I've hardly had any alone time. A few times Mr. Smith has left town overnight and I've gotten some action, but it's hardly enough. I've hardly even had time to masturbate.

When Mr. Smith is bogged down at work, his fuse is considerably shorter, so I've been giving him more orgasms than ever before lately, just to keep him from blowing up at me. Last night, I let him slide his ugly little dick between my tits and I'd never seen him so happy. I lubed them and then let him pump a few times. He was singing this morning, so I guess it helped. Little things please those with little dicks, I guess.

I have another full day ahead of me, but I have a small window to look at some porn and get off before I hit the shower and get started.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Two of the three links in the previous post had their pictures changed.

I'm not feeling well today. I'm going back to bed. Hopefully more this weekend or Monday.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Still pissed

Above are images that I've displayed on my 360 page and had them deleted by the morality police at yahoo.

Now, take a look at this profile.
And this profile.
And this profile.

Makes my pictures look pretty tame, huh?

I give up

I don't get it with yahoo. There's someone on my friends list that has his dick head for his picture and it remains. I have a picture of a guy undoing a bra ... from behind, no nudity what-so-ever ... and they remove it and the one that says "I fuck on the first date". What are they so afraid of? And who's job is it to sit and look at every 360 profile to make sure that every one of them is the squeaky clean? It really messes up my day when I log in and see that shit. OK, I can see deleting them if they're really obscene or have children or animals involved or the act is illegal, but bra unhooking?? Please Yahoo, pull the pole out of your ass.

Now, on to other news in the world of the Smiths. Mr. Smith came again last night. I forgot to put in my last blog that I let him cum for Christmas. He's just so stressed at work right now and a cranky husband is a difficult one. I teased and played with his ugly little thing for awhile before I let him cum on my tits and he slept like a baby, which he hasn't done in a few weeks.

My date for yesterday was a no show thanks to his wife, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get some action today. My vibe got a good workout, however.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taking a breather

This past week has been absolutely non-stop for Mr. Smith and me.

Mr. Smith spend the day after Christmas and most of last week at work on a case. A few nights, he didn't even come home. When I wasn't helping him with it, I was entertaining one of his golf buddies who's wife was back east visiting her family for the holidays.

Friday morning, Mr. Smith called and told me to pack for some place warm, so I called for an emergency waxing and then I waited and waited for him to come home. He didn't get home until nearly 11. He slept for a little while and we caught a 5am flight to Mexico. We got home last night late. And yes, I fucked in Mexico.

Mr. Smith is back at work this morning. I slept later than usual. I need to still have a shower and wash my hair. I'm having company later this afternoon.

Right now, I'm using my vibe and remembering the sex on the warm sand.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finally some alone time

I love my family and I'm always thrilled when they come to visit, but this morning, I was happy to see their tail lights. Mr. Smith was almost right behind them; I think he wanted to time to himself, too. So, as soon as everyone left, I grabbed my lap top and crawled back in to bed. It's been a week since I've even checked my email. I have someone coming over in a couple of hours, but I can't wait that long, so I'm going to get off a couple of times with some of my favorite porn. I haven't had an orgasm since family arrived and I'm out of my mind with lust!

Tuesday we will have Christmas with Mr. Smiths' kids and grandkids and then hopefully everything will go back to normal around here and I can spend a little more time on line.

I hope each and everyone one of you has a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hell is plus one.

Mr. Smith's mother passed last week, so everything has been a little chaotic with family being here. Even though she was elderly, she was in good health, so her passing was a surprise. Everyone expected her to live another 20 years just to make my life Hell. I was the gold digging slut her married her son and she told me every day of our marriage how glad she was that we never had children together because they'd never be as good as the boys that Mr. Smith had with her saintly first wife. (Who is just a big of a hag as she was.)

I feel bad for my husband who is grieving and feels guilty because he couldn't stand to be anywhere near her even though she was his mother. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is just as happy as I am that she's gone, even though her marriage was actually accepted.

Thing won't be any more calm around here until after Christmas. Later this week, my family (that my husband playfully refers to as the Clampetts) will be coming to visit. While my father is not at all nasty to Mr. Smith, he is almost 10 years younger than him, so that relationship has always been a little awkward. Mr. Smith likes my brother and his wife and children, so they will be staying as well. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, since I haven't been home since the summer.

Yesterday, while Mr. Smith gone taking his brother and sister-in-law to the airport, one of my lovers came over and eased some of my stress. Since my husband knew what would be going on at home, he took his time coming back. We fucked for hours and my lover was dying to put it in my ass. I told him I'd let him if he promised to donate $5000 to the shelter where I volunteer. He laughed and said, "make it $10,000", so I got my ass fucked hard. I'm a little sore today, but no less horny.

I hope to be able to write again before Christmas, but if not, I hope all of my readers have a joyous and safe holiday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

I'm just getting home after being in a hotel due to power outages in my area. Mr. Smith and I are fortunate enough that we don't have to worry too much when we lose power due to storms, but others aren't as lucky, so please keep the less fortunate in your prayers this winter and don't forget to donate to the charity of your choice this Christmas.

I can't write much. It's still only 50 degrees in my house even with the fireplaces going. Hope all of you are staying warm.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home again

Mr. Smith and I just got back last night from a ski trip. I'm so sleepy I just want to crawl back under the covers and fall asleep, but I have way too much to do today. I think once I get some coffee in me, I'll be fine, but sleeping just sounds wonderful.

I've talked before about the fact that Mr. Smith does not watch me with my lovers because we don't want them knowing that he knows. Because this weekend we were so far from home, Mr. Smith did watch me with the man I was with. At first I was so nervous, but once I got in to it, I was screaming for more. I had at least 10 orgasms with hubby watching me and he had one once the other man was gone.

This has been a year of firsts. Wonder what next year will bring.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just Saturday stuff

Mr. Smith is gone all day playing cards, I'll be joining him at the club shortly, but I've had all morning to myself and it's been wonderful. I've had help making it wonderful.

I did let Mr. Smith cum on my boobs the other night and he's been the dream husband since. Not that he's not the dream husband all the time. I'm mean, let's face it. Not many men let their wives get as much sex as she wants with other men while he walks around with blue balls all the time. Plus, he lets me have anything I want.

Last night, I wanted to take in a movie and he agreed, so we looked up show times and I picked a total chick flick. He didn't even make a face. We had an hour to kill, so we turned on the TV in the bedroom and started watching The Departed on HBO. We got so comfy that we decided to stay in and he went and got ice cream, chocolate syrup and bananas. We ate ice cream in bed and watched the movie. I also got a nice foot massage.

I've got Christmas shopping plans all day tomorrow, so I'll post again Monday. Everyone have a great weekend.