Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow! Part 2

After Mr. Smith left this morning and I had my morning work-out, I had a phone sex call with a man who has the sweetest, sexiest voice. And while his voice is sweet, the things we did together were far from sweet, but very, very sexy. I had two incredible orgasms with him.

At first I thought between yesterday and today and all the sex and cumming, I was just pent up from recooping from the accident. Then I realized that I would have loved it, accident or not.

I have to run out today and buy a new vibe. I just simply cannot wait for mail order. My phone sex lover this morning asked me if it bothered me walking in to a sex shop. The answer is "no". It doesn't bother me in the slightest. Masturbation is something that 90% of us do. 10% lie about it. I think all women should proudly walk in to a sex shop, buy something that makes their pussies tingle, lay it on the counter and buy it. None of that "it's a gag gift for a friend" crap. Buy a vibe or dildo or whatever and masturbate with it.


Anonymous said...

Darling you need to find time to play.... A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste!

bdenied said...

good for you. I had met my wife and we were about to move her from her apartment to mine and I knew she had a vibrator someplace but had never seen it. As we got down to cleaning out her closet I stumbled upon it and she blushed, and I just said, "So this is where you've been hiding it...!!!!"