Monday, December 17, 2007

Hell is plus one.

Mr. Smith's mother passed last week, so everything has been a little chaotic with family being here. Even though she was elderly, she was in good health, so her passing was a surprise. Everyone expected her to live another 20 years just to make my life Hell. I was the gold digging slut her married her son and she told me every day of our marriage how glad she was that we never had children together because they'd never be as good as the boys that Mr. Smith had with her saintly first wife. (Who is just a big of a hag as she was.)

I feel bad for my husband who is grieving and feels guilty because he couldn't stand to be anywhere near her even though she was his mother. Fortunately, my sister-in-law is just as happy as I am that she's gone, even though her marriage was actually accepted.

Thing won't be any more calm around here until after Christmas. Later this week, my family (that my husband playfully refers to as the Clampetts) will be coming to visit. While my father is not at all nasty to Mr. Smith, he is almost 10 years younger than him, so that relationship has always been a little awkward. Mr. Smith likes my brother and his wife and children, so they will be staying as well. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, since I haven't been home since the summer.

Yesterday, while Mr. Smith gone taking his brother and sister-in-law to the airport, one of my lovers came over and eased some of my stress. Since my husband knew what would be going on at home, he took his time coming back. We fucked for hours and my lover was dying to put it in my ass. I told him I'd let him if he promised to donate $5000 to the shelter where I volunteer. He laughed and said, "make it $10,000", so I got my ass fucked hard. I'm a little sore today, but no less horny.

I hope to be able to write again before Christmas, but if not, I hope all of my readers have a joyous and safe holiday.


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Anonymous said...

I'd like to give you a sore ass

VP said...

Have a great Christmas

Drue said...

I would love to have you under my tree, with a well placed small red bo...hehe Then exchange nice naughty lil gifts all day xoxoxo