Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Home again

Mr. Smith and I just got back last night from a ski trip. I'm so sleepy I just want to crawl back under the covers and fall asleep, but I have way too much to do today. I think once I get some coffee in me, I'll be fine, but sleeping just sounds wonderful.

I've talked before about the fact that Mr. Smith does not watch me with my lovers because we don't want them knowing that he knows. Because this weekend we were so far from home, Mr. Smith did watch me with the man I was with. At first I was so nervous, but once I got in to it, I was screaming for more. I had at least 10 orgasms with hubby watching me and he had one once the other man was gone.

This has been a year of firsts. Wonder what next year will bring.


little shaun said...

It's great that you took such a significant step toward cuckolding. i am very envious of Your husband.

wishingwifewould said...

We (Allison and Sean) enjoy your site and adventures. I hope some day Allison will follow in your foot steps. We fantasize all the time about her taking another lover but to date, she hasn't been w/another. Thanks, Sean and Allison