Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just Saturday stuff

Mr. Smith is gone all day playing cards, I'll be joining him at the club shortly, but I've had all morning to myself and it's been wonderful. I've had help making it wonderful.

I did let Mr. Smith cum on my boobs the other night and he's been the dream husband since. Not that he's not the dream husband all the time. I'm mean, let's face it. Not many men let their wives get as much sex as she wants with other men while he walks around with blue balls all the time. Plus, he lets me have anything I want.

Last night, I wanted to take in a movie and he agreed, so we looked up show times and I picked a total chick flick. He didn't even make a face. We had an hour to kill, so we turned on the TV in the bedroom and started watching The Departed on HBO. We got so comfy that we decided to stay in and he went and got ice cream, chocolate syrup and bananas. We ate ice cream in bed and watched the movie. I also got a nice foot massage.

I've got Christmas shopping plans all day tomorrow, so I'll post again Monday. Everyone have a great weekend.

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