Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hectic days

Mr. Smith has been working on a case for several weeks that's been keeping him hopping, therefore he's been keeping me hopping. Between helping him with little things with the case (he's got both of his secretaries buried in work right now), I still have a household to run. I've hardly had any alone time. A few times Mr. Smith has left town overnight and I've gotten some action, but it's hardly enough. I've hardly even had time to masturbate.

When Mr. Smith is bogged down at work, his fuse is considerably shorter, so I've been giving him more orgasms than ever before lately, just to keep him from blowing up at me. Last night, I let him slide his ugly little dick between my tits and I'd never seen him so happy. I lubed them and then let him pump a few times. He was singing this morning, so I guess it helped. Little things please those with little dicks, I guess.

I have another full day ahead of me, but I have a small window to look at some porn and get off before I hit the shower and get started.

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