Thursday, January 17, 2008


I can hardly sit today. Yesterday one of my lovers was over for an early morning romp and then another over for an afternooner. While I enjoyed both fucks, but my pussy feels abused and my jaws are sore. This morning I sat in the hot tub to try to feel better and I do, slightly.

The funny thing is, every time I remember yesterday, all I want to do is reach down and touch myself. How in the world can I be horny after all of that? I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not in some kind of pre-menopause hormonal melt-down. I know I won't get laid today, so Mr. Smith is definitely going down on me tonight.

I know I can't rub myself or penetrate myself today, but I'm wondering how painful it would be if I just sat on my vibe and let the buzzing to all the work to make myself cum ...

or ....

maybe I should just put the porn away and do something constructive.


1 comment:

helpmate hubby said...

I vote for the vib! If you do that let us know how it comes out!