Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taking a breather

This past week has been absolutely non-stop for Mr. Smith and me.

Mr. Smith spend the day after Christmas and most of last week at work on a case. A few nights, he didn't even come home. When I wasn't helping him with it, I was entertaining one of his golf buddies who's wife was back east visiting her family for the holidays.

Friday morning, Mr. Smith called and told me to pack for some place warm, so I called for an emergency waxing and then I waited and waited for him to come home. He didn't get home until nearly 11. He slept for a little while and we caught a 5am flight to Mexico. We got home last night late. And yes, I fucked in Mexico.

Mr. Smith is back at work this morning. I slept later than usual. I need to still have a shower and wash my hair. I'm having company later this afternoon.

Right now, I'm using my vibe and remembering the sex on the warm sand.

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